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Referee Michelle Campbell says when she puts on the shirt, she doesn't see gender.

Just minutes before she was scheduled to referee a boy's varsity basketball game at St. Mary's Academy, Michelle Campbell was told she would not be allowed to work the game because she is a woman.
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Before everybody gets all wound up about how great "provider conscience" clauses are, please remember that the refusal to administer abortions is not the only medical service covered under such clauses.

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In other words, you can refuse to provide abortions for unwanted pregnancies, and you can refuse to fill birth control prescriptions to prevent those unwanted pregnancies in the first place. You can also refuse to provide sterilization services to make sure no unwanted pregnancies ever occur, and you can refuse to fill morning after prescriptions in case the unthinkable happens.

Just slap the incubator label on my ass right now, because obviously my only purpose in life is to grow babies. And if I don't want to, I'd best just get over it, I suppose.

More good commentary over at BitchPhD, including one mention of my favourite Margaret Atwood quote:

The fertile do not owe the infertile pregnancy by proxy.

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This started off as response to another post, but it got long, so I decided to post it as new.

I used to call myself a radical feminist, but I guess if Dworkin and McKinnon are radicals, I'll just call myself a sex positive feminist, since they seem to fear and loathe hetero sex.

Mary Daly doesn't think men can be feminists, since we're part of the great Conspiracy to keep women down.

I've consistently seen a blurring of the lines of the system of beliefs and behavior called patriarchy, supported by just as many women as men (I can back this up, but won't now), and the collection of people called men.

Patriarchy is a belief system. It puts men in a superior position to women based mainly on tradition and misunderstood biology.

Men are roughly half of the human population. Most men buy into the system of patriarchy. From a selfish standpoint, to do otherwise is to shoot oneself in the foot.

On closer inspection, however, the patterns of patriarchy are damaging to men as well as women. We're prescribed rigid roles that we are forbidden to alter. To do so means we're no longer men. For example, boys are told not to cry, to "be a man".

When you're not acting in accordance with these rules you might become a woman, illustrated with the insult, "stop being a pussy".

Suppression of emotional responses is very harmful to men. It creates lots of stress, makes us poor communicators and companions. After some practice most men are often unaware of their emotions, or they mistake them for anger, an approved emotion.
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