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Atypical Feminists

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All Members , Moderated
This is an invitation-only community for the discussion of feminism and gender studies. If you are interested in joining, you may request to be added and the moderators will add you at their discretion.

There are a few basic rules for this community:

(1) Discussion will not be monitored for political correctness. The moderators note, however, that many topics will have personal significance to individual members, and thus asks that all members display a reasonable modicum of sensitivity, compassion and consideration for one another.

(2) Please limit your disagreements to comments about a person's statements, and not the person.

Any problems with an individual member should be taken up with that individual member, whenever possible. Your moderators are not your mum. That being said, the moderators will not tolerate disruptive or rude behavior, and you will be warned and then asked to leave if you cannot obey the above rules.

Your moderators are rikhei, novapsyche and tattycat, all of whom may be contacted at their usernames @ livejournal.com.